As an enthusiastic violinist and violist, especially in chamber music, I am very familiar with the demands that are placed on an instrument. It is important to me that the process of craftsmanship remains visible, so that a lively, almost spontaneous result is created.


Experience shows that the construction of new violins places the highest demands on the violin maker. Of course, a violin should sound very good right away, even in the first few weeks. However, when my instruments come in for their first "inspection" after about a year, the break-in factor can be clearly heard: the response works effortlessly, the string transitions go smoothly, the notes separate even more easily, the sound becomes more brilliant.


As a violist, I particularly love this instrument. The medium body size (between 40.0 and 41.6 cm) suits me best. For me, the sound of the viola in the quartet belongs more to the cello sound, a rather dark and voluminous C and G string are important, and yes, no squawky A string!


The cello clearly takes over the tenor part in the vocal range. The most important things are a bright A-string rich in overtones, a warm, singing D-string and a dark warm, round bass range, all with a very easy response.


In my workshop I offer instruments built by me as well as old master and student instruments. All instruments are brought into optimal playing condition by me. You will also find a selection of bows to go with the different instruments. I also have strings, cases and other accessories in stock and can offer advice on buying strings, shoulder rests, etc.

Master instruments

Some musicians especially love old instruments. That's why I offer old instruments as well as instruments I have made myself. I restore them to the best possible condition before selling them.


Especially for beginners and pupils: an optimally adjusted instrument (well-functioning pegs, correct bridge curve and bridge height, good strings, etc.) is a requirement for a noticeable progress in practicing.


Experienced string players know that the quality of the bow for making music should never be underestimated. Take your time when choosing. You are welcome to test some bows for a few days at your ease.


Repairs are the daily bread of an independent violin making workshop, in addition to major restorations. This includes making new bridges, fitting pegs, reshooting the fingerboard, varnish retouching, etc.


Tuesdays are my "bow day". Brought in the morning, it is freshly rehaired and ready the very next day.

sound adjustments

Sound adjustments can definitely improve an instrument. I have gained a lot of experience with soundpost position, bridges and string selection.


For years I have been renting out instruments in children's sizes that I have made ready to play myself, especially violins and cellos. Price on request.


I am a passionate violin maker and have been running my violin making workshop in Ulm's Neustadt for many years.

  • Apprenticeship at the State Technical School for Violinmaking in Mittenwald (Germany)
  • Assistant in violin making workshops in  Leonberg, Düsseldorf and Hradec Kralové (Czech Republic)
  • Master craftsman's examination in 1987
  • Since 1988 self-employed violin maker in Ulm
  • Participation and awards at violin making competitions in Poznan (Poland), Hradec Kralové (Czech Republic) and Mittenwald (Germany)

The films made in recent years give you an impression of me and my workshop.


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